Most Asked Questions About Our Hoodies

Most Asked Questions About Our Hoodies

Girl wearing a baja hoodie holding a pineapple.

Why is it called Mexican Baja Hoodie?  

Popular on the relatively cool coastal region of Baja California and was inspired by the thick blankets (called “jergas”) they had been using for generations.

When did they become popular in the United States?

Baja hoodies emerged in the United States in the 60s and 70s. California surfers would take trips to Mexico to chase the best waves and sunshine, when they noticed the thick sweaters. The hoodies proved to be perfect for bare-chested surfers to throw on as the beach day gave way to that ocean breeze chilly evening. For most of the rest of the country, the hoodies were introduced by Spicoli and the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High in 1982.
But the 90's baja hoodie is most popular.

Can they help the environment?

Our Hippie Baja Hoodies are made from reclaimed fibers. These fibers come from off cuts of fabrics that would otherwise have been disposed of and are recycled into new yarn. That new yarn is then turned into the hoodies you are seeing today. We live in an era of fast fashion where clothing is often treated as disposable items. Hippies Hoodies help by using sustainable materials that help preserve the planet, which mean you can do your part for the environment by wearing a piece of eco-friendly clothing.

Who are the Hoodies for?

Anyone can express themselves through the different styles and colors of a Baja Hoodie. Wearing one doesn’t mean that you’re into anything particular; it just means that you appreciate warmth, comfort, and a unique style. We have hoodies for kids up to adulthood.

Are Baja Hoodies warm?

It is cold and you're going to need something warm to wear, right? Baja Hoodies are soft and snuggly. They're perfect for cool evenings by the beach or to wrap up after a long day of surfing, they make an excellent layer in cold mountain air, they're lightweight and they even wick moisture due to the woven blend.

How should they fit?

All sizes refer to USA men's sizes, and they're true to standard hoodie measures. They have very little stretch so we usually recommend either staying true to size or sizing up. Remember Baja Hoodies are meant to fit loose.

Can you wash your hoodie?

Yes, you can wash your hoodie. We suggest machine wash cold on gentle cycle. If you are feeling up to it, hand washing is the best way to increase the lifespan.
Some people even ask if have tactical baja pullovers, which we are in the process of making.

What about drying?

Yes, but never in your dryer or on a hanger. The weight of the yarn from this sturdy fabric makes them lose their shape if they are hung up while wet. Lay the garment on a clean towel and gently roll it up like a roll to extract water. Unroll and arrange on a dry towel or a mesh rack to finish drying.
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