What Are Baja Hoodies and Why Do People Wear Them?

What Are Baja Hoodies and Why Do People Wear Them?

 Baha Hoodies Mexican Ponchos Drug Rugs

Long gone are the days that anyone wearing a black and white baja hoodie (otherwise known as "drug rug") is labeled as a  "stoner" even though some call them stoner hoodies. Now you can find a large range of people wearing them- students, hippies, beach bums, adventurers, those boho chic girls with the cool clothes, and okay, yes... stoners too. 

Baja hoodies became popular when US surfers looking for less crowded beaches headed south to Mexico and brought these handwoven pullover hoodies back to wear during the cooler weather. They were affordable, comfy, and easy to slip on and off before jumping into the water to catch a wave. You can still see surfers wearing them but now a much wider range of people have opted for the cozy stylish comfort of the mexican drug rug.

Baha Hoodie Mexican Poncho Drug Rug

Many people prefer the material of baja pullovers because they are somewhat waterproof, faster drying, breathable, light and can be warn in both cooler and slightly warmer temperatures. The inside is lined with a softer lining which makes the baja hoodie the perfect combination of both practical and comfortable.

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When numerous college students were asked why they wear drug rugs, their answers mainly consisted of something along the lines of, "I wear them because they are comfy, stylish, and warm." The wide variety of people who wear baja hoodies have one thing in common: they want to look good while feeling as comfortable as possible. The large kangaroo pocket in the front is also an added bonus for keeping hands warm and keeping valuables safe.

Baha Hoodie Mexican Poncho Boho Chic Drug Rug

In an Instagram-obsessed world currently captivated by earthy tones, plants, wellness, and other "chic hippy" trends, it's no wonder Mexican hoodies are coming back in style. They're a fashionable trend that ties in perfectly with curated shots of the desert and boho decor. Not that the mexican baja hoodie trend every really went away. It's just being appreciated by a more diverse range of people now. Baja jackets have continued to thrive from the 1930's until today and won't be going anywhere.

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Drug Rug Mexican Baha Hoodie Poncho

All in all, we'd say the stoner hoodie or drug rug style is the way to go!