How to take care of your Baja Mexican Hoodie

How to take care of your Baja Mexican Hoodie


Our hope in this article is to answer all your care questions about your FAVORITE thing to wear, your Baja jacket

Want to keep your Hoodies soft and in great shape? Here's How!

Your hoodie can be fuzzy when you first get it. You can take it outside and shake it out really well, then wash it before you wear it, or the lint will transfer to your other clothing. The fuzz will go away after one or two washings, and your hoodie will get softer and softer. 

Follow these tips for improving the life and shape of your Mexican Baja Hoodie.

1. Do not wash after every use. 

Frequent washing can damage your hoodie. The great thing about your Baja hoodie is that you can wear them several times before putting them to wash. The only reason to wash them would be some type of contact with dirt or food. Because you wear a shirt or some other garment underneath your hoodies it won't require regular washing like other clothing that come in contact with your skin.

Hoodies should be washed every five wears or so. Baja hoodies can go a long time between washes without any major issues such as pit stains or unpleasant odor. After 5-10 wears, especially if you are wearing your hoodie outside, it is bound to get dirty. It might not be noticeable on how it looks, but the hoodie will start to develop a mild odor. When that happens, its time to wash!

Does Washing Damage the Hoodie? 

Washing does not damage a mexican drug rug, but excessive washing does. It can lead to pilling, shrinkage, fading of color and loss of shape.

There is no need to hold your breath every time you wash your baja jacket though. If you follow our recommendation of wearing your hoodie a few times between every wash, you can be sure that no damage is going to happen.

hand washing baja mexican drug rug hoodie jackets and the method used

2. Wash in Cold Water

When washing your baja hoodie make sure you are using cold water. You can wash the hoodies in your washing machine using a mild detergent. Make sure if you do choose to use the washing machine you run the machine on the gentle cycle only. Any hard agitation could cause some irritation of the natural fibers in your hoodie. 

Hand washing is always preferred to make the life of your hoodie as long as possible. 

The best way to make certain that the quality and color of your Mexican baja stays the same is by washing the hoodie by hand. Hand washing would be less harsh on the fabric. Hand Washing at home will target the stains directly and be able to gently as compared to a machine wash. This method is the best one, in order to promote the lifespan and durability of not only your drugrugs but any clothing article at all. 

Just soak it for 20 minutes with a little bit of detergent and cold water, then rinse in small tub. 

3.Avoid washing with other clothes

Avoid washing your hoodie with other clothes. The friction between these other clothing items in your washer can cause friction on your hoodie and cause pilling, loose threads, and early wear and tear.

4. Turn them Inside-out

Should you wash your hoodie inside out?

Mexican Hoodies should be turned inside out before they are put in the washing machine or hand washed. This protects the outside visible layer from any agitation that happens during the washing process. It will lessen any type of pilling that can occur on the outer layer.

5. Let your hoodie Air-Dry

It's best to let your hoodies dry outside of a dryer. Automatic Dryers can cause shrinkage and is not healthy for the life of your hoodie. High heat will cause the fibers to pull tighter and shrink. Lay your hoodie out flat to dry, in an area it won't be disturbed. 

What if you want to shrink your Hoodie? 

If you get your baja hoodie and its a bit too big for you, you can try and shrink it to fit you best. Simply wash it in warm water and dry it in a dryer on a regular cycle. It will shrink a little at a time. You can repeat the shrinking process until you like the fit, then continue to wash it in the future in cold water and lay flat to dry to hold the shape you want. 

Did you shrink it and it shrunk TOO much? 

All hope is not lost (hopefully!) 

Natural Fibers are woven together into the cloth that is used to make your Baja Hoodie. This cloth is stretched during the weaving process. When it's exposed to water and heat from your laundry, the fibers shrink back to their normal state.

So, how do you save your fav hoodie? Try this simple method:

 1. Use warm water and gentle shampoo or a gentle soap. Fill a container with the water and add a capful of baby shampoo or even hair conditioner would work. You can also use laundry detergent in small quantities. 

2. Soak the hoodie for up to 30 minutes to relax the fibers and let them begin to loosen. 

3. Gently remove water from clothing after it is done soaking. Gently squeeze water from hoodie but do not rinse it. 

4. Lay out a large towel, put hoodie on top of that and roll hoodie up inside towel. Squeeze the towel gently but firmly to release more water until the hoodie is damp, and not dripping wet.

5. Transfer the hoodie to another dry flat towel. As you lay it out, stretch it gently back to its preshrunk size. You may try sticking pins in the hoodie to keep the stretch while it dries.

6. Let the Mexican Hoodie dry completely laid out flat without a towel covering it.

Hopefully this helps you get your hoodie back to your favorite fit!

 We LOVE our Baja Mexican Hoodies, they are the first thing we grab when we are going out for the day. We hope that in following all this advice we've shared with you today, you can keep your fav hoodie in its best shape and have it for a long time.

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