About Us

Hippies.com is a company dedicated to selling only eco friendly products. All our baja hoodies and Mexican textiles are made from our HippieYarn which is derived from recycled t-shirts. Each baja hoodie prevents 2 lbs of material from going to a landfill.

Our Story

We spent two years exploring Mexico and many of the smaller communities within. As we explored, we became particularly fond of a weaving community outside of the heart of Mexico. After spending some time with them, Cade grew fond of their culture and wanted to figure out a way that they could give back to their economy. He gained an understanding of jerga, the main type of cordage that is used to weave certain textiles. To conserve resources, the weavers broke down old T-shirts and other clothing to create jerga. As he learned to weave, they realized that they'd seen products like this before; these were they same hoodies and blankets that surfers used. He figured if surfers in Mexico wore these hoodies, surfers in the US probably would too. And why stop there? Baja products would be great for camping, hiking, cuddling up in winter and much more! What a perfect way to give back to weaving communities, while still maintaining their dedication to protecting the environment. 

We loved the idea of not only helping out Mexican communities, but also protecting the environment by using recycled materials to create their products. Not long after, Hippies.com was born.  

Now, 10 years later, Hippies.com offers over 35 styles of baja hoodies and over 20 styles of Mexican blankets, all based off of our original ideas of spinning old t-shirts into new eco-friendly products. We are always looking for new ideas to add to our line, and just recently launched our newest product line, Mexican Minky Blankets. Although we now source from multiple communities, we still maintain our dream to provide high-quality hoodies and blankets while protecting the land we love so much. 

We now carry Fiber Element™ 100% Bamboo Viscose Sheets as well.