green baja hoodie

Drug Rug Hoodie Mexican Poncho Baja Jacket

Baja Hoodie

  • The most common name for our hooded sweatshirts is the simple baja hoodie.

baja hoodie pullover sweatshirt

Drug Rug

  • More slang referral to our sweatshirts is the drug rug hoodie.

green drug rug mexican poncho baja hoodie

Mexican Poncho Hoodie

  • This is another very common name for our inventory. Although they aren't technically ponchos because they have sleeves and ponchos do not.

mexican baja hoodie drug rug

Mexican Jacket

  • Jacket is not the best name because they are pullover hoodies and not jackets. But we know what you mean.

mexican jacket baja pullover drug rug

Stoner Hoodie

  • We are seeing a trend with these names. But these are just slang terms from the 90's that people used to describe our hippie clothing. We prefer names like hippie hoodies or baja hoodies.

stoner hoodie

She is wearing our black diamond baja hoodie pictured above.