Wool Baja Hoodie

The wool baja hoodie is coming in the fall of 2024 to Hippies.com, we have been making super soft thin baja hoodies for over a decade and decided it's finally time to switch it up with a few new styles.

Our beach coverup baja drug rug is live for the summer of 2024. Perfect for our customers that love the baja sweater look but want a lightweight knit crochet pullover for the beach.

drug rug beach coverup baja hoodie knit crochet

The only wool item we have made is the Clint Eastwood poncho. The 100% wool poncho is very expensive to produce but it is very high quality and very warm. Our other Mexican ponchos are made of the same thick material as our heavy Mexican baja blankets.

wool baja hoodie

We have not made any hemp drug rugs even though most people assume that is the fabric of any stoner hoodie. We tend to keep our production at the high quality end. There is a reason we have the best baja hoodies in the world.

We are excited to bring you the first ever wool drug rug coming the Fall of this year!