Best Baja Hoodie Brand for High End Baja Pullovers

While there are many different styles and qualities of baja hoodies in the world, you usually have the gas station/amazon low quality itchy drug rugs that cost like $20 and then the higher quality authentic baja hoodies like the ones typically sold here on We take pride in being the best baja hoodie brand for high end baja pullovers. We are now releasing a new line of boujee baja that is 100% cotton with a high end knit.

 best baja hoodies brand knit pullover

Our baja pullovers typically range from $30-$50 depending but this new line of high end baja hoodies retail in the $80-$100 range. Keep in mind there are some companies selling baja sweaters for over $400 right now but that's not even the most expensive drug rug on the market, at least 3 companies have bajas priced over $1,000!