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Our Mexican baja hoodie drug rugs are high quality, made from 100% recycled fibers & unisex so each can be worn by men or women.

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cotton candy baja hoodie pullover drug rug
Cotton Candy Baja $40.00 $24.95

green baja hoodie
Green Baja Hoodie $24.95

Gringo Baja $40.00

Maroon Black Baja $40.00


baja hoodie orange
Orange Tan $36.95

purple turquiose grey baja hoodie sweatshirt pullover
Purple/Turq/Grey $24.95

cream baja hoodie sweatshirt
Cream Rainbow Baja $36.95

pink baja hoodie
Black/Pink/Turq Baja $24.95

baja hoodie drug rug white red charcoal
Coral/White/Charcoal $36.95

turquiose grey baja hoodie drug rug
White/Turq/Grey Baja $36.95

black turquoise baja hoodie
Black Turquoise Baja $36.95

baja hoodie drug rug
Pastels Baja $40.00

black white baja hoodie
Black/White Baja $22.99

multi rainbow baja hoodie pullover sweatshirt
Multi Rainbow $24.95

pink fade baja hoodie sweatshirt pullover
Wine Fade Baja $36.95

diamond baja hoodie drug rug
Diamond Baja $40.00 $24.95

walter mitty baja hoodie drug rug pullover
Dark Rainbow Baja $40.00

white blue grey baja hoodie pullover drug rug
White Blue Grey $40.00

new turquoise baja hoodie drug rug
New Turquoise Baja $24.95

rasta baja hoodie
Deluxe Rasta Baja $24.95


shop baja hoodies grey blue
Grey/Blue $40.00

shop baja turquoise
Turquoise/Yellow $24.95

shop baja rasta
Rasta Baja $24.95

Moho Baja $24.95

Solid Black Baja $36.95

Coffee Baja $36.95

Maya Blue/Black Baja $36.95

El Claro Baja $36.95

baja hoodie
Blue Black White $36.95

brown fade drug rug baja hoodie
Brown Fade Baja $24.95

Black Pink Yellow $36.95

baja hoodie drug rug pullover green yellow tan
Green/Yellow/Tan $36.95

pink rainbow baja hoodie
Pink Rainbow Baja $36.95

tuquoise blue baja hoodie
Turquoise/Blue Baja $36.95

solid white baja hoodie drug rug
Solid White Baja $36.95

baja hoodie drug rug imagine peace back
Imagine Peace Baja $36.95

dirty hippie sweatshirt
Dirty Hippie Sweatshirt $36.95

baja beach towels
Baja Beach Towels $36.95


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If you need help with sizing just refer to our sizing page or email us with any questions or concerns. We only carry the highest quality made woven bajas in the world. If you want the cheap, itchy low quality ones you will have to visit another site or your local gas station.