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Welcome to our Mexican baja hoodie page. All drug rugs are high quality, super soft and made from 100% eco friendly recycled materials of a cotton/polyester/acrylic blend. Unisex sizing means they go off of mens measurements, so women make sure to order down a size.

purple turquiose grey baja hoodie sweatshirt pullover
Purple/Turquoise/Grey Baja Hoodie $36.95
cream baja hoodie sweatshirt
Cream Rainbow Baja Hoodie $36.95
pink baja hoodie
Black/Pink/Turquoise Baja Hoodie $40.00
baja hoodie drug rug white red charcoal
Coral/White/Charcoal Baja Hoodie $36.95
turquiose grey baja hoodie drug rug
White/Turquoise/Grey Baja Hoodie $36.95
black purple baja hoodie drug rug
Black Purple Baja Hoodie $40.00
diamond baja hoodie drug rug
Navy Diamond $36.95
pink fade baja hoodie sweatshirt pullover
Wine Fade $36.95
multi rainbow baja hoodie pullover sweatshirt
Multi Rainbow $36.95
new turquoise baja hoodie drug rug
New Turquoise $36.95
white blue grey baja hoodie pullover drug rug
White Blue Grey $40.00
rasta baja hoodie
Deluxe Rasta Baja Hoodie $40.00


shop baja hoodie grey blue
Baja Hoodie – Grey/Blue $40.00
shop baja hoodie el gringo
Shop Baja Hoodie – El Gringo $40.00
shop baja hoodie turquoise
Baja Hoodie Turquoise/Yellow $36.95
shop baja hoodie rasta
Rasta Baja Hoodie $40.00
Moho Baja Hoodie $40.00
Solid Black Baja Hoodie $36.95
Coffee Baja Hoodie $36.95
Maya Blue/Black Baja Hoodie $36.95

El Claro Baja Hoodie $36.95


cotton candy baja hoodie pullover drug rug
Cotton Candy Baja Hoodie $40.00
Maroon Black Baja Hoodie $40.00
baja hoodie
Blue Black White (Small Only)


baja hoodie drug rug pullover
Black White Pink
baja hoodie drug rug
Pastels Baja Hoodie $36.95
brown fade drug rug baja hoodie
Brown Fade Baja Hoodie $36.95
walter mitty baja hoodie drug rug
Dark Rainbow Baja Hoodie $40.00
Black Pink Yellow Baja $36.95
pink rainbow baja hoodie
Pink Rainbow Baja Hoodie $36.95
tuquoise blue baja hoodie
Turquoise/Blue Baja Hoodie
solid white baja hoodie drug rug
Solid White Baja Hoodie
green fade baja hoodie
Green Fade $36.95
baja hoodie drug rug imagine peace back
Imagine Peace Baja Hoodie

dirty hippie sweatshirt
Dirty Hippie Sweatshirt


baja backpack
Shop Hippie Baja Backpacks
rafiki hoodie
Rafiki Hoodie $55.00
3d print pink cloud hoodie front
Cloud Hoodie $55.00


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