We are Hippies.com, a boho fashion leader on the web. We exist solely online with no brick and mortar so that we can keep our costs low. We specialize in designing and creating the famous hippie hoodie known as the Mexican baja hoodie or drug rug. Shop our baja hoodies here. Did you know that we make all of our hoodies from recycled materials making them all eco-friendly?

Contact Info
Email: hippiesdotcom@gmail.com

1359 S Slate Canyon Dr
Provo, UT 84606


How Do We Make Baja Hoodies?

We import authentic Mexican Blankets and then we handcraft each hoodie here at our shop in America into a handmade masterpiece for you to wear. It’s like being hugged my a Mexican blanket. That way you get the best of both worlds from Mexico and the USA.

We also sell Over Print Hoodies and Holi Color Powder.