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Celebrities in Baja Hoodies

Everyone is dressing like hippies now so it should come as no surprise that celebrities are wearing Mexican baja hoodies.

Mckenna Grace wears our kids baja hoodie in the movie Gifted with co-star Chris Evans
baja hoodie mckenna grace girl wears in gifted
See more about the hoodie Mckenna Grace wears in Gifted.

The newest sighting of someone famous in a baja is of Rihanna wearing a rasta drug rug for Ocean’s Eight

Willow Smith wears a baja hoodie just like her dad Will Smith wore in Hancock.

Justin Bieber in a Baja Hoodie:
justin bieber baja hoodie drug rug
Amy Adams in the white color striped baja hoodie:
amy adams in a baja hoodie drug rug
Taylor Swift in a baja hoodie:
taylor swift in a baja hoodie drug rug
Adam Lambert baja hoodie:
adam lambert baja hoodie drug rug
Morgan Freeman wore a drug rug on the show he hosts:
morgan freeman drug rug baja hoodie
New Celebrity sighting of a Rasta Baja Hoodie worn by Kylie Jenner sold online at Mexican Threads but in limited stock is the “black rasta” hoodie.
kyle jenner rasta baja drug rug
More of the Kylie Jenner baja hoodie
kyle jenner rasta baja hoodie

Woody Harrelson wears a rasta drug rug in the SNL skit “New Marijuana Policy” and “Woody Harrelson’s Kumbaya”
Woody Harrelson's rasta baja hoodie kumbayaWoody Harrelson's Kumbaya drug rug hoodie

You can find Channing Tatum in a baja jacket below.
Here is a picture of Ben Stiller in the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” wearing a baja hoodie (drug rug)
walter mitty drug rug
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Here is a picture of Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine in a drug rug hoodie:
The model Tory Burch is rocking the Mexican poncho jacket here:
Even Will Smith in his role for Hancock:
will smith mexican poncho surfer
And then there is Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
spicoli baja hoodie
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The newest sighting is Seth Rogen wearing a baja hoodie during his mannequin hand skit with Jimmy Fallon as seen here:
seth rogen baja hoodie drug rugseth rogen drug rug baja hoodie

The winner of Americas Got Talent wore a baja hoodie the first time he auditioned: Here is Kevin Skinner drug rug:
kevin skinner baja hoodie drug rug

Luke Perry in a baja hoodie (Dylan McKay drug rug)
luke perry baja hoodie drug rug