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Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs – Colored Smoke Sticks – Fast Priority Shipping

gender reveal colored smoke bombs

Smoke Stick (Priority Shipping)

-USPS Priority (1-3 day) Shipping
-Fastest Shipping of Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs
-All Orders Placed Before Noon Ship SAME DAY!
-Brightest Smoke
-Longest Lasting
-#1 Trusted Name in Gender Reveals

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These are pink or blue colored smoke sticks also known as gender reveal smoke bombs or smoke fountains.
Many people hold them in their hands but we are obligated to tell you not to hold in hand because they get really hot after about 15 seconds. They give off smoke for about 2 minutes. The more smoke you want the more you should light. They are cheaper the more you buy.

Here are some of our customers photos:
colored smoke sticks gender reveal smoke bombs
customer photos gender reveal smoke bombs

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