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Wholesale Holi Powder

Our Hippie Powderâ„¢ is wholesale holi powder bulk discounts for all online orders going right now. You can buy wholesale color powder here at the lowest price.

color powder

25 lb Box – Select Color Below

Most Holi Colors Available

Hippie Powder has more holi colors than anyone else. They have non-stain line and then a bolder line of color powder that will stain. They also have scented holi powder and they can custom match any color that you want. This makes it very useful to run school events or charity fundraisers for your cause.

Best Price

Their prices are the best online and their customer service is unmatched. Other companies don’t answer their phone and take days to respond to emails. Not at Hippie Powder! They have people waiting to take your calls and can get your order out within 24 hours. They also ship worldwide!

Safest Color Powder

With all of their powder formulated in the United States by food scientist and in clean FDA approved working conditions, Hippie Powder is the safest in the world. By now you know that Indian made gulal powder is dangerously high wholesale color powderin toxic chemicals but did you know they use slave labor to drive down the cost? There are many places that will claim their product is “safe” but if it’s not made by Hippie Powder we cannot stand behind their claims.



wholesale holi powder


For those Spanish speakers out there: Al por mayor polvo de color y holi polvo.

polvo de colores