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DIY Gender Reveal Ball DIY Kit

Save some money with our Do It Yourself (DIY) Kit for Gender Reveal Balls

diy gender reveal ball kit

DIY Gender Reveal Ball Kit

Kit Options Include:

  • 1 packet of pink and 1 packet of blue + 2 hollow plastic balls
  • 2 packets of blue powder + 2 hollow plastic balls
  • 2 packets of pink powder + 2 hollow plastic balls
  • 1 pack of pink powder + 1 hollow plastic ball
  • 1 pack of blue powder + 1 hollow plastic ball
  • No color and just a hollow plastic ball

How it Works

Cut the ball in half using a box cutter or other sharp object. Fill one half with color powder. Tape the ball back together (we suggest masking tape).
The ball will bust at the seam where the tape is whenever you hit it so don’t wrap it in a strong tape like duct tape. Masking tape is recommended.

These balls can be used as a gender reveal baseball, golf ball, soccer ball etc. and can be kicked, hit with a bat, hit with a golf club or thrown against a backboard. We have the original universal gender reveal ball.

You don’t have to learn how to make gender reveal powder, now you can just buy this kit for cheaper than it would be to make holi color powder.

golf gender reveal bluegender reveal basketball explodinggender reveal soccer ball exploding