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color powder

25 lb Box – Select Color Below

10 lbs – Select Color Below

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1 lb Bag – Select Color Below

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10 Pack of 70g Bags – Select Color Below

wholesale color powder holi

100 Pack of 70g Packets

colored chalk powder

10 Pack – 10 Colors

The holi hippie powder™ sold here at is high grade colored cornstarch made right here in the USA that is 100% safe. You can purchase it in bulk if you are in charge of large races or events or you can buy them in smaller individual packages if you are attending a local event or run in your area.

Some frequently asked questions:

Q: Will the color stain my clothes, skin or hair?
A: While the color shouldn’t cause any serious staining we suggest wearing clothes that you don’t care about too much because it can be a little difficult to remove. As far as skin and hair, it will wash right out.

Q: What if some holi powder got in my mouth?
A: We don’t recommend eating it, but if some got in your mouth on accident it’s okay because it is simply cornstarch so it won’t harm you.

holi colorholi powder

*There are discounts when you buy color in bulk.

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