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How do I Dress Like a Hippie?


Here at we often get people asking the following question:
How do I dress like a hippie?
So we decided to take some time and make an outline of hippie clothing that you can find around your home or that you can buy online to complete your hippie outfit.
First off, you want to accessorize with a lot of peace sign and rasta bracelets and jewelry. Hippies were not shy on the amount of rings, bracelets and headbands that they wore. So don’t be shy and you can make your own out of yarn or pieces of cloth from around the house.
Another popular piece of clothing that both men and women wore were Mexican baja hoodies or drug rugs. We often refer to them as hippies hoodies on this site. They are striped pullover sweatshirts with a hood in the back and pocket in the front. They are typically very colorful with stripes and they are made from Mexican rags called jergas that are pictured below.
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