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Holi Powder

Welcome to our holi powder section where we sell the leading brand in the United States, hippie powder™. With Hippie Powder™ you can expect the brightest colors, the safest powder and the lowest price. We supply to color races, holi festivals and any other event that has a colored powder theme. Our product is high grade food quality colored cornstarch. We do not recommend ever purposely consuming the product because it would not taste good and it is not a healthy treat by any means. It doesn’t permanently stain skin or hair but once again, it is colored dye so wear clothes that you don’t care too much about because sometimes it can be difficult to remove from clothing.
hippie powder holi color

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It’s known as color run powder and is not actually paint.

Here is a funny karate baby ninja gif for fun:
funny karate baby ninja

You can now get chalk bombs that are little color balls you throw at people.