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Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs – Colored Smoke Sticks

Smoke Sticks: Pink & Blue


Smoke Sticks – Select Quantity

Orders placed before 12 p.m. (Mountain Time) Ship Same Day!

Just want 1 specific color of gender reveal smoke bomb? Shop pink or blue colored smoke sticks below:

Blue Smoke Sticks

gender reveal bluecolored smoke stick gender reveal smoke bomb blue

Blue Reveal Smoke Stick

Pink Smoke Sticks

pink smoke fountain stick

Pink Reveal Smoke Stick

Wire Pull Smoke Bombs – Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades

wp40 wire pull smoke bombs

Smoke Type

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colored Smoke stick pinkcolored Smoke sticks blue

As the originator of gender reveal smoke bombs, we have made thousands of peoples reveal parties memorable.

We legally have to mention the following:
Do NOT hold in your hand. These are meant to be used on the ground. They get very hot. Use under adult supervision.

We have everything you could ever want to have your craziest gender reveal ideas come true!

Gender Reveal Party Supplies



Color Smoke Sticks

If you want to build up some anticipation, we recommend that you have a pillar of blue and pink smoke going. Our color smoke stick fountain bombs will do just that. Each one will last about 1 minute and it makes for some really cool smoke bomb photography. Some people call them smoke grenades but don’t worry they aren’t fireworks that explode or anything.

Now that you know that we have both the powder and the smoke, it’s up to you to think up some cool ideas.

blue smoke stick bomb fountain gender reveal

Color Smoke Emitter Cartridges

Our color smoke emitter cartridges are the best on the market.

gender reveal ball

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

gender reveal smoke bombs