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Exploding Tannerite Gender Reveal Powder Kit – $49.99

Pink Gender Reveal Powder + Tannerite

tannerite gender reveal pink powder exploding

PINK Powder + Tannerite

Blue Gender Reveal Powder + Tannerite

tannerite gender reveal blue powder exploding

BLUE Powder + Tannerite

Pink and Blue Pack + Tannerite

tannerite gender reveal color powder exploding

Pink & Blue + Tannerite

15 lbs of Color Powder and 2 lb of Tannerite

tannerite color powder explosion gender reveal

15 lb COLOR + 2 lb Tannerite

25 lb Box Reveal Powder + 2 lb. Tannerite

25lb Reveal Powder + 2lb Tannerite

You really don’t need very much tannerite. The 1 lb tannerite and 10 lb of Color Powder option will make a huge colorful explosion. We have the larger options for people that want to get really crazy but the pictures seen below will show you what 1 lb of tannerite and 10 lbs of powder looks like.

If you love guns and want a shooting target that has an explosion of pink or blue color powder for your gender reveal then you have come to the right place.

The color powder will come in 2 of our 5 lb bags so you can place them wherever you like. You can put them in a box or black plastic bags to hide their color.

How to make a tannerite gender reveal

1. Open the tannerite packet and mix the aluminum (included with the tannerite) in with it.
2. Put that new mixture into an easily seen container
3. Set the holi color powder (reveal powder) on top and/or at the site of the tannerite
4. Shoot the Tannerite Target (Must be hit by a projectile moving faster than 2000 FPS) & watch a huge cloud of the color reveal the gender of your child!

Pictures of Gender Reveals with Color Powder and Tannerite


More Info

We ship most orders the same day. We ship from Utah.

Our exploding tannerite gender reveal powder kit is made with the best and brightest powder on the market to ensure that it looks amazing.

Gender reveal chalk powder isn’t actually chalk, it’s colored cornstarch just like what is used at the color run or the holi festival.

Follow all instructions on the tannerite package. It is safe and won’t explode until you mix it and then hit it with a high speed bullet. Please stay a safe distance away from the explosion and use all safety precautions recommended.

It is very loud and causes a big colorful explosion. Wear eye and ear protection and be a safe distance from the explosion. is not responsible and will not be held liable for the use/misuse of this product from customers with poor judgement.

Do not use on Federal land when a Special Fire Order is in effect

Tannerite is a binary explosive target meaning that 2 components have to be mixed together before it can be an explosive.