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Baja Hoodies for Women

Here at, we have baja hoodies for women in the colors that girls usually prefer over men like pink, purple, fuchsia and pastels. See our baja hoodies women page! But remember that all of their drug rugs are unisex meaning that every one looks good on guy or gal.
baja hoodies for women also has baja hoodies for toddlers, kids, juniors and men. The sizes range from baby sizes all the way to adult 3XL. They have every color of drug rug jacket you can think of from green, black, blue, orange, red, gray, turquoise, teal, emerald, indigo, rasta, navy, burgundy and the list goes on forever. They even have a solid white baja hoodie.
girl baja hoodie in pink colorgirl baja hoodie bright colorful

Put on a pair of high waisted shorts and you are set!

Shop our baja hoodie drug rugs here.

high waisted serape shorts