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What is a Baja Hoodie?

Some people have heard people refer to their pullover sweathirt as a baja hoodie or a drug rug.

What is a baja hoodie?

They are often called bajas because of their popularity in Baja California Mexico. If you go to visit any touristy area in Baja Mexico, you will notice that these striped baja pullovers are sold on every single street corner. They are the cheapest ones you can imagine but many people like to get one to remind them of their trip to Mexico.
baja hoodie
They got the name drug rug hoodie because in the 70’s a lot of California surfers and hippies wore them so naturally a hippie hoodie is associated with drugs. Some even think they are hemp hoodies but none of them are actaully made of hemp.
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What is a baja hoodie made of?

The baja hoodie is made of recycled t shirts and not made from hemp. They never were made from hemp even though people think they were or are. They are usually a cotton, polyester and acrylic blend.
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When talking about the baja hoodie wiki has a decent description but fails to  mention the pattern is very important because that is what makes in unique. They always have the kangaroo pouch on the front with the stripes on the pouch being horizontal while the stripes elsewhere are vertical.
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