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Baja Backpacks

Shop Hippie Backpacks Below – Mexican Baja Bags


Baja Backpack


Baja Bag


Baja Bag


Baja Bag

The Mexican Baja Backpack is all the rage right now. It gets its name from the baja hoodie which is a Mexican pullover sweatshirt sometimes referred to as a drug rug sweatshirt. Which means that this bag is sometimes called a drug rug backpack as well.

baja backpack

Artesanias Lillo Backpack


Pinzon Backpack Mexican Shoulder Bags, Purses, Handbags and Coin Purses.

Bolso = Handbag
Bolso de Abanico = Fan HandBag
Bolsa con Cierre = Resealable Bag (Zipper Bag or coin purse)
Mochila Escolar = School Backpack
Morral = Bag
Morral con Cierre = Zip Bag
Monedero = Purse
Cosmetiquera = Makeup Bag
Bolso Dama = Lady Bag
Montel = Tablecloth bag?
Portofolio con Tapa = Portfolio with Lid
Porta Celular = Cellphone Case
Bolsito Curvo = Small Curved Bag